Top things that can brighten your partner’s day

To help you show your sweetie that he or she is still the one for you, here are ways to bring a smile to their face today.

Write a Love Note

Tell your sweetie how much you love them in a quick note that you put in their lunch, briefcase, or bag. If you prefer the tech route, tweet the love note in 140 characters or less for all your followers to see.

Make a Special Playlist

A special playlist doesn’t have the same appeal as a tangible mix tape, but the sentiment is still there. Steal your partner’s iPod and upload a few songs that let him or her how you feel.

Give a Compliment on a Physical Attribute

Guys are notorious for never noticing that their partner got their hair did. Make up for it by letting your partner know how great they look in a new outfit or that their diet/exercise routine is working well.

Pick Up the Phone to Say “I Love You”

Do you talk on the phone anymore? I don’t. I prefer texting. Which is why sometimes it’s nice — nostalgic even — to pick up the phone and call your lover just to say that you love ’em.

Leave Your Partner Alone for a Few Hours

I love spending time with my husband, but sometimes I just need a few hours to myself. Give your partner the space they deserve by exiting the house on a Saturday or Sunday so you honey can relax however they want to.

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