Top marriage blunders to evade

There are instances where the married life becomes sour and it brings tension in the family. Theese are the valuable tips that should be implemented by the couples in order to avoid this marriage blunders.

Splitting the housework in half

This is often considered the fairest way to split the chores, whether it is washing the dishes or walking the dog. But aiming for half means you are constantly keeping score, making sure that neither of you is getting the short end of the stick, and bickering every time you think you are. Spend too much time fixating on fairness today, and you risk not making it to the long run when things often balance out.

Trying to mind-read and expecting same

This one should be obvious, and yet again, you assume that your spouse knows you need a hug after a bad day at the office. Staying up to resolve an argument all night. Give your spouse the information that one needs, rather than expecting him to know the unknowable.

At a certain point and we have all been there where we just want to be right, whatever it costs. And because someone at our bridal shower advised us to never go to bed angry, we beat up ourselves and our spouses into the wee hours in the name of resolution. But the more we try to resolve, the later it gets and the more exhausted and resentful we become. So yes, go to bed angry sometimes. Get some rest and sleep on it. Reconvene the anger summit in the morning when you’re both more open-minded and less riled up.

Underestimating the power of small changes

Long commute and big house, or shoebox in the city and more time with the kids? When you start to think about one person quitting a job because the demands of housework and childcare are too overwhelming with both partners working, consider the smaller changes that might help first. What if you cooked more meals on the weekend? These makes you overlook big changes that is necessary.

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