Learn to build a healthy relationship

Relationships are — not surprisingly — enormously important for health, and there are lots of studies on the biological processes that account for the link between relationships and health. The quality of our personal relationships also has an enormous impact on our physical health, as evidenced by a hefty number of research studies. From spouses to children to friends, parents, siblings and significant others, healthy relationships build self-esteem, improve mental and emotional health and help you live a fuller life.

Ways to have a healthy relationship is shared:

Always communicate

Communication is important because conflicts are inevitable in relationships, and “most people are poorly prepared to deal with them well. If you are already in a relationship, think about registering for a weekend seminar or marital enrichment course, often offered through churches, synagogues and community recreation departments.

Support system

Support from family and friends is an ingredient that repeatedly surfaces in good relationships. You might need someone to take the kids for the night, or help with carpooling. If you have a support system in place, or live near friends and family, don’t be afraid to ask them for a helping hand, a sympathetic ear or advice.

Be watchful

Not all relationships are going to be perfect all the time, but for the most part, a good relationship makes you feel secure, happy, loved, respected and free to be yourself. Learning to recognize unhealthy relationships should start early and it is a vital part in making everyone around you happy and to maintain balance with the family and friends about yourself.

Mental healing

You can’t always control the stressors in your life, but for your relationships to be effective, try to keep stress to a minimum. Also, be understanding when others are going through a tough time. Someone who loses her or his job, for example, might behave negatively for a little while. But things should get better eventually and you will have a healthy relationship.

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Best ways to know that you have true love

Despite Tolstoy’s claim that all happy families are alike, I think there are many different ways to be happily married. All of them depend on a shared understanding of implicit rules (or, if you prefer, contingencies regarding what effects will follow from different behaviors). You could say that every marriage is a culture of its own, and there are many different functional and dysfunctional marital cultures. Many marital cultures are dysfunctional because one of the partners only pretends to be a member of the culture. A gay teen going to condemnatory church services with his or her family is not unlike a spouse who performs monogamy but only gets sexual pleasure from new conquests, or a spouse who finds school-age children boring but gets discredited as a mother if she claims they’re anything but fascinating.

These are some of the ways to know that you are in true love:

Intimacy exists

Whatever activities threaten the spouses’ alliance must be monopolized by the marriage. This usually means sex, but it might mean playing bridge, co-authoring an academic paper, or divulging a fantasy. There must be some information that stays in the marriage, secrets that bind the parties.

Keep fighting

As Kevin Bacon said, “Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.” You are fighting with the love of your life, not with some stranger who is trying to take advantage of you, even though it may feel like the latter.

Stay sensitive

Each partner is a lover and a beloved; neither specializes. If all the world is divided into divas and talent managers, each is equally a diva. Both spouses think they are lucky; neither thinks they could have done better. Thinking how lucky they are to have found the right person is a salve to life’s disappointments and frustrations.

Work together

They are teammates putting on performances for others, and they support the performance that the other is attempting in public. Their teamwork makes them pleasant to be around for others. When they team with others outside the marriage, it is understood by all that the spouse could obtain access to the inner workings of the other team if the spouse felt threatened or excluded.

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The reasons why most relationships fail

In the modern times, the rate breakups among the couples is much highers than engagements and marriages. A nuptial association between the partners generally takes a procedure of engagements and marriage but they get instantly separated though a break up or divorcee. The present social scenario and human behaviors brought a see change in the mindset of the people and very few persons show longer commitments and are able to adjust with the family norms. A new wish of independence socially and financially among bot the sexes has  further fueled the phenomenon.

Given are some of the tips to know that yo are part of a wrong relationship:

Get angry

Most of the person have the bad habit of venting the frustration with tin the mind by shouting out at the spouse. This trend is a very wrong one and can destroy the relation between the couples. in every family, disputes occur which need to be saved in a very healthy and fruitful manner to get the positive results and not get violent or aggressive in your behavior.

No attachments

Attachments of some sort is very necessary between the partners to make the best relationship and to make plans for a better future for the family by taking the decision of both the spouse in an equal manner. Any relationship with long-lasting implications always demand some sort of commitment from both the partners in order to make it successful.

Prioritizing nothing

In the present social scenario when everyone has to earn and maintain family at the same time, needs to make some prioritizing in their work on the basis of their importance. While being is a demand demands the partners to give some time to it out of the busy schedule and to stand by the spouse in both the best and worst moments.

Infidelity issues

This is one of a serious concern in the times when open relationship and live-in are getting popular everyday. Most of the breakups in the modern times are happening because of this phenomenon and the level of trust is slowly deceasing among the couples and the situation demands an open conversation between the partners speaking about their wishes and expectations out of each other.

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Ways to know that you are in wrong relationship

It is very easy in the modern day due to the open lifestyle practiced by the population to quickly fall into a relationship and start spending time with your partner. In the present times, more people from younger generation are also getting involved in to random relationships in rather very early age. Statistics speak about the rising divorce rates which has reached alarming proportions which bears testimony about the quality of relationships. As a matured individual it for you to judge whether the relation that you are in; is good or harmful for yourself.

Given are some of the tips to know that yo are part of a wrong relationship:

Nothing satisfying

Satisfaction among the partners is very important to make a relationship working and to bear fruits out of it. Both of the couples should be happy about their contribution to it and are also equally aware of the expectations out of one to keep the relationship better and to think about the future of it and its amount of relevance to each others life.

No physicality

Unlike considered, physical relationship between the partners is required to create an aura of openness and transparency between the spouse. Every body has some kind of physical demands and things should be such each partner understand the need of it and equally reciprocates to the feeling in a very committed and responsible kind of manner.

Trust missing

No relationship can work if there is certain amount of trust deficit among the couples. Things in a relation can only be happy and beneficial for the partners when they are are fully committed into the relationship and do not fear to share the secrets with their spouse. This characteristics is essential to make relationship a long – standing one.

Never adjusting

Adjustments are necessary in any kind of relationship to make oneself better as a person and to know the different demands and wants of the spouse in the relationship. You should understand that some kind of adjustments should be seen from the opposite partner to gauge the seriousness of oneself for keeping the relationship between the spouse running.

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Signals that show you are in a relationship

People are known to be the happiest when they are in any romantic relationship. Romance has some kind of unique charm in itself that attracts everyone and alters their state of mind into happiness.  It invokes emotional breakthrough in the person and you should know that relationships are never perfect like everything else and it depends of the commitment and sincerity of the partners to make it long-lasting and successful. As humans are social animals, it is imperative for them to behave in  certin manner to keep any relationship alive and kicking !

Shared are some of the ways to know that you are in a relationship:

Commitment exists

Commitment obviously brings stability in a relationship. The more time spend and sharing the deepest secrets with your partner shows a lot of transparency and any form of conflict between the two should not be viewed in a negative manner but will work as the perfect opportunity to know more about yourselves and try to understand each other better.

Enjoy each others company

The moments you share together are the most awesome and the times seems to fly in the presence of your partner, you indulge in lot of fun and like the sense of humor of your beloved person. Given a choice, you will always choose to stay with the partner and dream of finding yourself in the company and eagerly want to spend more time.

You are satisfied

Satisfaction in any relationship is clear sign that you have found the perfect one and wish to make your lifetime with the partner. You have no second thoughts in your mind and think that your life can never get better. The happiness of each others life is the most important aspect of any good relationship and you seem to enjoy the love among yourselves.

Share deep physical bonding

Relationship with your partner does not only depend on emotional attachment but also involves physical bonding between the partners to make the relationship more healthy and fruitful for both the persons. A form of spark or sexual chemistry is necessary for any successful relationship to give it a deeper meaning and rationality into it.

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Ways to fix your dying relationship

One of the most difficult time of a person’s life is when they are in a relationship that is not working but do want to call it quits and desperately want to mend the relationship. There are various reasons when someone wants to fix the relationship that they are in. It may be because they still care for each other or they have no options because of their children as the kids are the biggest sufferer in any estranged relationship between couples. As said , everything is never lost till the last rays of hope remain between an individual and a relationship can always be mended.

Given are some tips to fix your hostile relationship:

Stay Romantic

Romance works like a burning flame in any estranged relationship between young as well as old couples. It is very necessary to still have romance left among one another as these brings a form of trust and care for each other which is a mist for any healthy relationship. Emotional as well as physical bonding will help to bring back the lost love in the relation.

Be honest

Most of the relationships that suffer in the modern times are due to lack of faith and trust between the couples. The primary objective of being in a relationship is being true to your partner and share the deepest secrets among each other. Desire is part of every individual but needs a proper streamline for expression and sharing it among couples helps to save any dying relationship.

Communicate more

It is mandatory to keep communicating among each other in a healthy relationship. All the mistrust and misunderstandings appear in case of lack of correspondence among the partners. Though it is difficult to always stay in touch in case of long -distance relationship but the  advent of modern technology has made connectivity between people staying in different parts of the world, so easy.

Stop fighting

You would often witness many young as well as old partners fighting among each other on many petty issues. These quarrels works as dampener in any relationship and increases the gap between the partners. In order to survive any dying relationship, it is suggested to stop fighting and try to understand the demands and wishes of your partner.

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Ways to tackle long distance relationship

In the present world, when most of the person are looking for best opportunities in the global market, it is quite common to have long distance relationship. As a part of the free economy where people of different races and creeds mingle in the metropolitan, it is quite obvious have such a situation. With the advancement in technology, though people are getting most restless in terms of relation ship needs some guidance.

Given are some ways to have a successful long-distance relationship:

Patience is virtue

The best way to tackle any long-distance relationship is to have patience. No one can expect quick responses from either side in this kind of situation. So, it is advised to you to take steps after much consideration as your actions are hugely responsible for the results. You cannot expect instant feedback and the way that your partner reacts to certain situations.

Always communicate

There should always be some king of regular communication or correspondence between the partners in case of long -distance relationship. certain gap of contact can bring many suspicions in the mind of either individual and can bring a crack in the level of trust. In the present times, there are many ways of connection which has bring people more closer.

Be affectionate

In any long-distance relationship, the emotions that you display can work as the mirror to your mind. In such cases, it is always necessary to show affection to you partner in all levels and in every phase of the relationship. The relation should be similar on both ends and they must have a mutual understanding of this manner between themselves.

Do make plans

To be successful in any long-distance relationship, you need to make a future plan for yourselves as both of you can work for looking at a bright fortune that they can have after some years. The plan that you make should have consent of either individual and you can never make a future plan about your family alone without considering your well wishers.

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Ways to support your partner in a relationship

To quote famous novelist Nicholas Sparks, “Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys,” it is not an easy task to maintain a relationship over time and it requires enough hardships and compromises on both ends to sustain it. It is common in any relationship to have differences but the real challenge lies in overcoming them through time and retain the old charm right through. For any relationship to be called a successful one, it is a duty of both the partners to support each other.

Given are some tips to support your partner in the relationship:

Talk more often

A person can clearly understand your needs and expectations out of your partner only if you speak clearly to him/her about it. It is necessary in any relationship to maintain a verbal conversation with your partner. A simple talk can help to resolve any difference that can occur on the basis of very petty issues between the two of you.

Never stop experimenting

You will consider that your relationship is in the dying years if you feel that you are bored with each. To keep your association lively, it is sometimes needed to try out new things between yourselves. You will be surprised to discover many new things about your partner that you have not known in such a long time. This also adds a new chemistry with your partner.

Understand your partner

Most estranged couples in a relationship complain that their partner do not understand their feeling. You will be considered more close to your partner if you can gauge what he/she wants even before the other person can speak it out. Try your best to make this a habit and try to to surprise your partner in the most unexpected way to get more closer.

Intimacy is crucial

However you may disagree, physical intimacy is crucial to sustain any relationship between couples. This brings a kind of trust and love between them that is essential part of any association. The more you move away from your partner, your relationship looks doomed. A certain spark should maintain among any couple in order to understand the needs of the other.

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Ways to have a better partner

The ultimate wish of any person is to have a partner who will make ones life more colorful and worth celebrating. You always search for someone who will be more understanding and will not hesitate to share the deepest secrets of life with you. There must exist a level of mutual trust and respect among the couples. A marriage will stay successful if you feel happy with your spouse and have no complains and should share mental peace of mind along with understanding the value of the relationship to one another and the entire family.

Given are some tips to have that perfect partner:

Take up each other’s interest

This is quite challenging but equally refreshing at times. Just be more intuitive and consider taking interest in the hobbies and likes of your partner. You should stay well informed about these vocations so that you can share views about them and become more intimate one another and become more compatible through this task.

Try things together

To become successful as a couple, it is of utmost importance to do things together and share your interests for similar hobbies and these type of engagements helps you to know your partner more and brings your relationship with your spouse to an altogether another level. You can try stuff like photography, cooking, reading and any kind of sports.

Do share your dream

This is an activity that can be both enjoyable and unearth many secrets about your spouse. Each one of you note down the dreams that you have in a piece of paper and then your second task is to think about the things that your partner might have written. The more correct guesses you makes brings you much closer to your spouse.

Respect your in-laws

A very necessary trait that every spouse will look for in the partner. Any marriage or relation between two individuals is not limited to themselves but also involves the family and its extended members. Apart from your own guardians, the persons who can guide you in your life are your in-laws. So, it is your duty to look after them and show them equal respect as your own parents.

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The top dating sites

Online dating service is almost a decade old. It had created a huge craze among young couples at the onset but gradually loosed its charm with the birth of other  instant massaging programs and applications over the years. It has again revived with integrating many new features like video dating, virtual interaction and influx of many free dating websites in the internet.

These are some of the top dating websites available for netizens around the world:


This site is over a decade old and is one of the most popular dating websites till date. It is a division of the internet conglomerate Interactive Corporation. It incorporated new domains as matchlive and match travel to be part of the speed dating services on the web. Match.com was caught up into controversy for using wrong means for promotion.


This one of the fastest growing dating site with over 15,500,000 members, according to internet study. Eharmony.com promotes long-term relationship and marriage rather than just dating. They initially did not support same-sex relationship but later enlisted services for same-sex partners and people from LGBT group. They have also launched an eharmony app.


Parship is an online dating site based out of Germany and has customer base in Mexico and European countries. It went live on valentine’s day and proposes scientific base for love and matrimonial matters. The basic features require no payments but has subscription charges from 30 to 60 Euros for massaging applications and more.


This is a California based firm with a relatively new website. A brainchild of two friends, zoosk.com earned an estimated 2oo million as part of revenues in the year 2013. They have also launched a desktop chat client along with an android app. They have won many awards and titles and was also featured in the Inc. 5000 list in the year 2014.

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