10 (Free) Fall Outdoor Date Ideas

outdoor-date-leadFall colors, fallen leaves, crackling fires: Autumn is a very romantic season. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors this season by going on an outdoor date with your sweetie. Don’t have much money to spend on outdoor adventures? No worries–these ten fall outdoor dates won’t cost you a penny.

1. Go on a scavenger hunt. Before you head out the door, jot down a list of various items you might find outdoors: a rabbit, a tree with red leaves, a rock that looks like a heart. Then set out to find each of these items. Work together on this hunt; not against each other.

2. Fly kites at the park. On a windy day, it might not seem all that desirable to spend time outside, but it’s the perfect time to fly a kite. Bundle up, grab your kites and set out to the nearest park.

3. Take a drive to see the fall colors. When I was little, my family would frequently go on Sunday drives in the country to look at the colorful leaves. This is a romantic date idea that will get the two of you together with ample time to spend getting to know each other.

4. Go on a bike ride together. Grab your bikes and head out for a fall ride. Don’t have a bike? Some cities offer free bike rentals; check out your town’s website to find out where you can get one in your area. You will get a great workout while spending time together.

5. Go on a nature hike. If there are trails in your area, pack some granola bars and a couple bottles of water, and set off on a nature hike. This is an opportunity to spend time together, not only getting to know each other, but getting some exercise and fresh air.

6. Have a picnic. Rather than going out to dinner, plan a picnic at the park for a lunchtime date. Pack a couple sandwiches, some chips and carrots–or whatever you have in the house–and something to drink. Either go to the nearest park, or find an offbeat picnic destination: your yard, the driveway or even the roof.

7. Go camping in the backyard. Want to go camping, but not while totally roughing it? Pitch a tent in the backyard and get the camping experience with the modern amenities your nearby house can provide.

8. Have a bonfire. Get a fire started, and snuggle up under a blanket while roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

9. Go on a photography date. Set out to take fall-inspired photos in your local area. Search for colorful leaves and wildlife to capture together, whether in your backyard, the neighborhood or at the nearest lake.

10. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Find out what time the sun rises or sets in your area, grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and prepare an area outdoors to sit and watch it.


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5 Essential Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

Essential Ingredients of a Healthy RelationshipOprah Winfrey, the celebrated anchor of the world-famous ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ once quoted, “Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.” Starting a relation never takes as much efforts as maintaining it for lifetime. While doing so, you do not necessarily need to sacrifice your likes and dislikes to please your partner. Just be responsible and matured enough to handle what comes your way.

A good relationship is more about knowing each other than just talking about your expectations. Relationship develops in stages and you can’t be all the same throughout. There are moments which make you laugh, cry, worry, dance, sing, silent, angry, disheartened and so on. To be precise, a good relation is about a great mixture of all the varied feelings a human mind can think of. And to handle each other while enjoying all these phases is what makes a successful bonding.

5 essential ingredients of a healthy relationship

1. Honesty and loyalty

It is the backbone of your relation. While expressing yourself, make sure that you are completely honest and loyal to your partner. He/ she may take time to understand and adjust with your expectations but the final result will be a very strong and trust-worthy bonding. Trust in your partner makes it much easier to carry on the relation with an optimistic feel.

2. Forgive fast

Do not keep scribbling on same issues again and again however big the issue might be. Talk frankly with each other and come up with a workable solution. Forgiveness is a vital element of a lifelong relationship. Understand that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes some or the other time. It is of no use arguing on the same things again and again and disappointing each other repeatedly. If it’s a mistake, take it as a mistake not as a cheat.

3. Communicate well

You need to be very matured and effective while communicating with your partner. Change of tone is a big necessity while communicating on varied issues. You cannot keep the same tone and attitude while communicating about light and serious issues. Vary your thinking and talking ability as per the subject matter and respect opposite person’s feelings and expectations while commenting on a particular issue.

4. Encourage each other

Motivating your partner in the areas of his/ her interests is the biggest factor contributing to success of your relationship. Small moments of encouragement are much more effective than costly gifts or lavish dating plans. Understand each other areas of interest and come up with logical ways of achieving your dreams. This will immensely increase your mutual trust and respect.

5. Enjoy together

Be it a comedy movie, a thriller, a dance, a vacation, or a festival, enjoy it together. This will give you a good opportunity to enjoy some light and beautiful moments of your life and boost your confidence and patience to hold each other firmly in difficult times. Such moments play a very keen role in strengthening your mutual bonding and make you emotionally dependent on each other. This is good to realize each other’s value in your respective lives.


Be very passionate about your relationship right from the start. Only then will you be able to understand each other well and show a sufficient level of dedication towards the bonding.


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5 Easy Steps to Find a Perfect Girl for Life

Easy Steps to Find a Perfect GirlTo find a perfect girl for life is not an easy job, especially when you are confused on how to start and where to go. You may be having hundreds of things in your mind but when you actually come across someone, chances are you may get jumbled and indecisive. Because it’s not only you who may have thought about your prospective life-partner but also the girl you are planning to date may be having a list of expectations to be met. So, how to bridge your ways and take things ahead successfully?

5 easy steps to find a perfect girl for life

1. Decide what you want but do not be too rigid

It is always good to think deeply about what kind of girl you need in terms of location, education, career goals, job prospects, family background etc. But you must also keep in mind that being too rigid on your conditions may not always take you on the right path. At times, you need to set priorities and compromise on things that may not considerably affect your future life.

2. It is wise to start with friendship

If you come across a girl who you think can meet most of your preferences, do not rush. Be calm and patient and give some time to know each other well. The best way here is to start your journey with friendship. This gives you time to know about the likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and partner preferences of each other. Being friends also increases your rapport and creates a stable comfort zone.

3. Spend some good time together

It is a much matured way of looking ahead for a lifetime relation. Do not run to conclusions merely on the basis of how she behaves in a group or social gatherings. She may be a much different girl in person. To explore more about her, you need to spend some good time together, just the two of you. Take this opportunity to share your future goals with her and also get to know about her plans ahead.

4. Talk very clearly about your intentions

Let the girl know what kind of relation you are looking ahead for. The best time to talk about this is after knowing well each other’s likes and dislikes as well as future plans. Make sure that you have created sufficient comfort zone so as to talk about such serious issues with ease and frankness. Prefer talking on such topics when both of you are in a good and relaxed mood.

5. Give her enough time to think

It is fine that you put forth your expectations from the relation. But chances are she may have never thought before about going long-term with you. She is comfortable with you just because she likes you as a person and as a supportive friend. So give her sufficient time to think about life partnership and do not press her hard on thinking about the same thing again and again. She will herself reveal her feelings once she makes up her mind to go or not to go ahead.


Building a long-term relation is never an easy task. It’s all about a series of ups and downs. At times, even full-proof plans may not work out. So be ready to compromise on a few things and make up your mind to keep the relation going come what may.


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7 Important Dating Tips for You

Important Dating Tips for YouThe very idea of dating someone causes so much excitement in us that we tend to ignore the basic things we should do for making the date fruitful and sensible. And we realize our mistakes too late but all in vain. We might have already lost the opportunity that could have changed our lives forever and the only thing we can do about it is forget it.

To avoid and ‘unknown’ mistakes and make your date a really good one, here are the 7 important dating tips for you.

1. Be clear about what topics you wish to discuss

This is the soul of your dating time. You must talk just right and specific. Do not confuse yourself or the other person by discussing topics that are irrelevant or not relevant at that particular time.

2. Look smart and be punctual

Dress up your best outfit and be comfortable and confident. A comfortable outfit plays a key role in boosting your confidence while communicating with your date. It also gives a good impression to the other person that you have put some serious efforts to dress good. Be very punctual while reaching the pre-decided spot. Going late gives a very bad impression and shows your carelessness towards the meet.

3. Enjoy your date

Do not develop a feeling or nervousness unnecessarily. It is just a date. Take it as an opportunity to learn something new about a totally new person you are interested in. This will make things much easier. Take your first date as just a warm-up chance to build a good rapport between you two. Do not expect all things to be talked in a single date.

4. Start with a nice compliment

It is obvious that you and your date have put a lot of efforts to look unique and outstanding. So why not appreciate it with a good compliment? This is the most effective thumb rule to ease the tension going on in your minds and let the other person know that you are observing him/ her. 

5. Share something good

Avoid starting your discussions directly with personal issues. Instead, talk about light things like hobbies, education, likes, dislikes and so on. Do not hurry to put forth your expectations. Create some comfort zone first so that the other person is in a position to patiently listen to and think upon the serious topics that may follow.

6. Pick a spot that is convenient for both

Pick your dating spot by mutual discussions. Look to it that the location is convenient for both.  Do not try to push your wish just because she/ he is just a stranger for you. This may put a very wrong impression.

7. Do not share your personal information in first instance

First understand the person, his behavior, his seriousness about the relation and things like that. Create a good amount of mutual trust and only then go ahead with sharing your personal information.   


A successful dating does not require any special skills or extra-ordinary intelligence about handling relationships. Just a good level of common sense, maturity, and responsible behavior will do the best job for you.


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