Best mistakes to avoid in online dating

Finding love online is a billion dollar industry. Online dating has become a phenomenon and more people are looking to find their partner through the online platform. In doing so, these are the common mistakes that can be avoided in order to maximize the efforts.

Continually Searching

The beauty of online dating is the unlimited number of options of people to choose from. The drawback is that when you are not getting the results you want you may be tempted to give up early. You point out that there are the wrong kinds of people on this website and proceed to try out another site.

Every dating website has someone special who is looking to fall in love with someone like you. People who find love online are the ones who persevere, stay positive, and remain committed to the process. They are not looking for the perfect website but making most of the website they are on by putting up a magnetic profile.

Posting Pictures

The learning curve for online dating is pretty low. Anyone can learn how to put up a decent profile and start messaging other people. But what really stands out on a quality profile are the pictures.

When scrolling through profiles the headline picture is the first thing you notice. We take a fraction of a second to judge a person’s face, their smile, and their body to decide if we find them attractive enough to go out with them.

If you intend to find love online you need to take your dating profile pictures seriously. They represent your first impression in the dating world. Quality pictures attract much more attention and increase the odds that someone of relationship quality will contact you.

Screening at first

A plus side of online dating is that there is no shortage of singles who are eager to meet you. The downside is you can go on a lot of bad dates before you find someone you are compatible with.  Getting to that first date can happen fast online, but only when you meet in person can you evaluate your interest in the other person and the true relationship potential.

Many people decide on coffee dates to save time and energy. This is the quickest way to screen people in-person because people will know in 5-10 minutes if date number two is a possibility.  There is no benefit in a dinner date if you have to make polite small talk till the end of dinner after knowing they’re wrong for you based on your first impression.

Giving Up Too Soon

The rising popularity of dating apps and websites can lead to online dating frustration and hopelessness. You find that you have to commit quite a bit of time and effort to the search. Most people do not write back or if they do they misrepresent themselves while you get to know them.

One important thing to take away from online dating is that you should not take rejections personally. The most attractive people online get the majority of the messages so don’t be surprised if you put a lot of thought into a message only to find that you do not get a response.

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